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Fun Times With Our Kiddos

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Appreciation Video from the Skowronek Family

One of My Favorite Families

Pirates Cove Water Park 2016

Day long field trip to paradise

The youth prepared their own lunches and packed their bags for a day long fun in the sun adventure at Pirates Cove Water Park

Day 20 of ECE Academy 2016

Team building

The students created a reading hut out of boxes, construction paper, and paint. Everyone participated in the production of an awesome interactive art project.

Day 1 of ECE Academy 2016

Fun in the Sun

Scholars enjoyed a day at the water park, cooked a homemade lunch, created a personalized t-shirt, and enjoyed an adventure walk through Holmes Run Parkway

Day 14 of ECE Academy 2016

Reading made fun

Scholars started a reading club with the Shirlington Library in Arlington, VA and enjoyed a day in the sun at the Navy Yard.

Day 18 of ECE Academy 2016

Museum Day

Scholars enjoyed an outing to three DC museums, the Shirlington Library, and ended the day with a pool party with friends and family.

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